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I have to start by saying Robert wasn’t just a STEP father he was a dad and father in law and 100% grandpa to my children. He enjoyed worried, babysat, spoiled and loved them just like their biological grandparents. Emily received a condolence text and it bothered her that someone had written step grandpa. My kids have only known him as John’s step dad and their grandpa. So with all that said, it should go without saying that we loved him.

He was big and gentle, kind and warm, opinionated but not over bearing, always around but never intrusive. We had the benefit of his presence in our lives every weekend, every holiday, every recital, every sporting event, everything. He worked for John, which by the way is no easy task, and never once thought about quitting. Killing maybe but never quitting.

Robert and I got along tremendously. Maybe because we had common enemies?